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Mindfulness and Tarot Cards

Tarot cards

Mindfulness and Tarot Cards

Tarot cards serve as a metaphor for life. Spiritually, the 22 cards known as the Major Arcana outline every facet of personal transformation. Contrary to some beliefs, the tarot is not exclusive to telling the future and witchcraft. They serve as a step-by-step guide to taking the steps necessary to overcome depression. Here is what we can learn from each of these 22 cards.

0 – The Fool: Take the first step by getting out of your comfort zone. You won’t know your potential unless you take the occasional risk.

I – The Magician: Use the resources you have at your disposal. You possess more abilities and knowledge than you realize.

II – The High Priestess: Trust your intuition. It’s more important to go with your gut than to let your mind play tricks on you.

III – The Empress: Love will guide you. When you express love, you automatically receive it.

IV – The Emperor: Affirm your power. Protect your space and own your destiny.

V – The Hierophant: Stay true to your convictions. Do not compromise your morality.

VI – The Lovers: Stay confident. Be as good to yourself as possible.

VII – The Chariot: Move forward. The past has no relevance to you.

VIII – Justice: Affirm your goodness. You are worthy of happiness.

IX – The Hermit: Take time to yourself. Regrouping is important to recovery.

X – The Wheel of Fortune: Accept what is inevitable. You win some and you lose some.

XI – Strength: Keep going. You are stronger than you believe.

XII – The Hanged Man: Clean house. Get rid of feelings which won’t serve you.

XII – Death: Make a change. We need to periodically detour.

XIV – Temperance: Achieve balance. Never take anything to the extreme.

XV – The Devil: Have fun. Happiness comes when you enjoy living.

XVI – The Tower: Rebuild. Every broken part of you is fixable.

XVII – The Star: You are unique. Nobody is exactly like you.

XVIII – The Moon: Trust the universe. You will achieve your goals on your own timetable.

XIX – The Sun: Aim for true happiness. Rediscover your passions.

XX – Judgment: Think carefully. Your next move is an important move.

XVI – The World: You are free. You have endless possibilities in life.

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