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5 Ways to Talk to Your Child About Violence

Heavily publicized acts of violence that occur in school settings often frighten and confuse young children. It is important to realize that your child understands more than you may think. If they happen to see or hear about violent acts, they will need you to provide them with adequate guidance …

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How to Celebrate a Happy and Frugal Thanksgiving

Each year the cost of having Thanksgiving dinner rises. Experts will tell you the increase in prices is due to simple supply and demand. Perhaps there has been a drought which means some fruits and vegetables aren’t available this year in the same amount they’ve been available in the past. …

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How to Enforce Driving Rules for Your Teen

One of the scariest days for any parent is the day their teenager, having passed their driver’s exam, takes the keys and backs out of the driveway for the first time without you overseeing them in the passenger seat. Most parents want to know how they can ensure that their …

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5 Ways to Improve Family Communication

Healthy communication skills amongst family members can be some of the most difficult and trying to develop and maintain. They may be directly related to you and have seen you in every possible situation, but that doesn’t mean finding ways to communicate comes easily. Family members sometimes tend to be …

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5 of the Best Halloween Party Games for Kids

  The leaves changing, the slight briskness in the air and the overwhelming amount of pumpkin-spiced food and drink options can only mean one thing: Halloween is almost here. This year, it’s your turn to host the party for the neighborhood kids and it needs to be good. After all, …

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Things to Remember as a Stay-At-Home Dad

Times are changing. Things that were considered unheard of a few decades ago are becoming more common each day. With the norm being changed so drastically men and women have sometimes begun to switch roles in the family. Having women in the work place isn’t exactly a new concept anymore. …

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